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Skaggs Island becomes part of San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Redwood City Chamber of Commerce spent $50K in campaign fight to pave way for Saltworks. Plus, salt ponds on San Diego Bay progress to next stage of restoration.

Times-Herald 6/29/2011
Skaggs Island transferred to U.S. Fish and Wildlife
A blue and white flag raised Tuesday atop a tall pole in the midst of endless marshes makes it official: Skaggs Island belongs to the hawks and herons as part of a large wildlife preserve of rare Bay Area wetlands.
Nearly 100 dignitaries braved rainy weather Tuesday morning to mark Skaggs Island’s transfer from naval hands into the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Watch this CBS5 clip of Skaggs Island:

San Jose Mercury News 6/29/2011
Redwood City Chamber of Commerce spent $50K to help defeat 2008 measure aimed at stopping Saltworks project
The Redwood City Chamber of Commerce spent more than $50,000 in 2008 to oppose a controversial ballot measure that aimed to prevent development of the Cargill salt ponds into a huge mixed-use project, according to public records obtained by The Daily News.

Imperial Beach Patch 6/28/2011
Restoration Project to Flood Salt Ponds in July, Wetlands Return Moves Toward Final Stages
After dredging finishes in July, salt ponds in the most southern parts of San Diego Bay will be reconnected to ocean tides. A walkway from Seventh to 10th Streets for bird watching will be constructed in September.