Bay Sustainer Spotlight: Nina Brunetti

Join us for a conversation with Save The Bay volunteer and contributor Nina Brunetti.

Nina loves walking Guido along the Bay.

How did you come to be a volunteer for Save The Bay?
I started by researching organizations I admire and to which I could donate time as well as money. Save The Bay’s mission, philosophy, and flexibility really appealed to me. With the Community Based Restoration Program, it was easy to volunteer as little or as much as one wants. From the website, I can choose the dates, places, and activities that best fit my schedule. I also became a Bay Sustainer and contribute on a monthly basis. This steady source of income helps Save The Bay plan ahead and budget more efficiently. I like that.

Where do you volunteer?
At first, I participated in as many different projects as possible to get a first-hand feel for the breadth of Save The Bay’s restoration work and educate myself about the issues at each site. Over time, I’ve focused more on sites close to home – the native plant nursery at the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, and Eden Landing in Hayward. I really enjoy the hands-on work and getting to know the staff and other volunteers.

What do you consider Save The Bay’s proudest achievement in 50 years?
Wow! That’s a tall order. There are many achievements that benefit the health of the Bay and the quality of life for all of us. But as the first organization of its kind, Save The Bay really became the model for similar groups nationally. For me, Save The Bay’s pioneering work in ecotone habitat restoration stands out because of their expertise in the creation of these critical buffer zones.

What’s your favorite place on San Francisco Bay?
My husband and I love taking our dog, Guido, on walks and hikes where we enjoy spectacular panoramic views, shorebirds and waterfowl. We love Point Isabel Regional Shoreline in Richmond and the San Leandro Marina Bay Trail. We’re so privileged to live in the Bay Area. I’m really grateful that I can be a volunteer and a donor with Save The Bay to help protect and restore this incredible resource.

Bay Sustainers are a special group of Save The Bay members who offer regular monthly gifts to support our critical work to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. Learn how to become a Bay Sustainer.