San Francisco: Ban the Bag, once and for all!

Tomorrow, all eleven San Francisco supervisors will vote on whether to approve amendments to the city’s single-use bag ordinance, proposed by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and co-sponsored by Supervisor David Campos.  The main changes will:

  • Expand the ban to apply to all retail establishments and restaurants
  • Establish a minimum ten cent charge for paper, compostable plastic, and reusable bags to encourage the public to bring their own bags — by bringing your own, you avoid the charge!

If these changes are adopted, the improved ordinance will keep thousands more plastic bags out of our waterways and the Bay.

Now, more than ever, Mayor Lee and the Board of Supervisors need to hear your support for these amendments.

Our creeks and the Bay do not distinguish between plastic bags from large retailers versus those coming from smaller businesses and restaurants – as long as plastic bags are being distributed in San Francisco, Bay wildlife and habitats will still be threatened by bag litter.

Tell Mayor Lee and the supervisors — get rid of plastic bags once and for all!