Bay Sustainer Spotlight: House Kombucha


Meet Rana Chang, Founder of House Kombucha.

Name: Rana Chang

Profession: Founder/Owner of House Kombucha

Why did you decide to get involved with Save The Bay?

When I started House Kombucha, I wanted to model the fact that reusing glass bottles saves resources and saves money. So I made a pledge to donate the money saved per bottle to an environmental nonprofit.  I chose Save The Bay because we are similarly aligned in our mission to decrease waste in the San Francisco Bay Area. House Kombucha has been a monthly donor to Save The Bay for over two years, donating two cents for every bottle returned.  Reduce, Reuse, ReFILL!

What is your favorite thing about the San Francisco Bay Area?

I never get sick of exploring new parks and trails in the many nature preserves in the area.  I also love the diversity of food, which I shouldn’t get into now, since I’m fasting…

If you could be one Bay plant or animal, what would it be and why?

I would be an otter so that I could hold hands with other otters.

Who is your environmental hero?

I was inspired to make a reusable bottle beverage company by my local food business heroes Straus Milk and St. Benoit.  Both of these businesses are committed to reusable packaging and their success showed me that the traditional reusable bottle system could be revived. It is so important to revive this time-honored tradition because disposable plastic bottles are creating so much waste in our landfills and causing environmental damage to our waterways. We can all be the change by using reusable bottles and supporting laws that encourage their use.

What is your first/fondest memory of San Francisco Bay?

I remember the sound of the foghorns at night from my room in the Tenderloin and the smell of the fresh air at the pier.  I also love the music and food at the Ferry Building farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.  I still personally drop off kombucha each week at the Ferry Building and am so happy to be a part of the rich array of local goods there.

Anything else you want to tell us?

House Kombucha once participated with Save The Bay at a volunteer day and learned a lot about the natural wetlands that surround the Bay.  We experienced how hard it is to pick little pieces of plastic out of our precious watersheds and are ever committed to being a Zero-Waste company.  We admire the way Save The Bay works to educate and involve people in direct service.  We hope to involve our followers in similar educational and experiential events and are working slowly towards this.  So please follow House Kombucha on Facebook for more updates.

Thank you House Kombucha for your dedicated support!

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