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As Silicon Valley looks for solutions to sea level rise, Google scales back its proposed bridge project over Stevens Creek in Mountain View. At Hunter’s Point, NASA scientists are developing a modern alchemy of turning wastewater into biofuel. And hands-on environmental education improves test scores at inner-city schools. Learn more about Save The Bay’s Restoration Education programs here.

Forbes.com 4/14/2012
Silicon Valley Joins the Maldives on Threat List for Sea Level Rise
According to the AP, “Business leaders and Sen. Dianne Feinstein launched a $1 billion, 10-year fundraising goal on Thursday that is aimed at preventing some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology companies from going underwater—literally.”

Mountain View Voice 4/16/2012
Google scales back bridge project
After prodding from conservationists, Mountain View-based Google is redesigning its bridge project over Stevens Creek, one of the most hotly contested infrastructure projects in recent memory.

SF Appeal 4/17/2012
NASA Scientists Toil At Hunter’s Point, Trying To Turn Wastewater To Biofuels
NASA scientists working at a San Francisco sewage treatment plant in Hunter’s Point believe they’ve developed a way to use wastewater to make biofuels.

The Almanac 4/17/2012
County seeks public comment on plastic-bag ban
With the support of most city and town governments in San Mateo County, the Department of Environmental Health Services is asking the public to comment on the scope of a proposed county-wide ordinance that would ban the use by retailers of single-use plastic bags at checkout counters.

Los Angeles Times 4/16/2012
At an urban L.A. school, nature grows — and test scores too
At Leo Politi Elementary, workers ripped out concrete and planted native flora. The plants attracted insects, which attracted birds, which attracted students, who, fascinated by the nature unfolding before them, learned so much that their science test scores rose sixfold.
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