Daily Digest

San Mateo County is seeking public comment on its countywide bag ban. And local “weed warriors” keep invasive species at bay. Plus, the surfing industry isn’t as green as you think.

San Mateo Daily Journal 4/18/2012
County seeks input on bag ban plan
San Mateo County and several like-minded cities considering regulations on plastic and paper bags are seeking public input throughout the Bay Area as part of the required environmental review process.

The New York Times Green Blog 4/19/2012
For Weed Warriors, the Motto Is Endurance
To the untrained eye, a weed is just a weed, and few of us could tell a thistle from a teasel. But for Paul Heiple and his team of Weed Warriors, knowing the difference is essential to their work routing out invasive plants that threaten the native species at Edgewood Park, a 500-acre natural preserve that overlooks California’s Silicon Valley.

Forbes 4/19/2012
Surfing’s Toxic Secret
As I paddle out into the surf on a crystal clear California morning, brown pelicans swoop low over the ocean, and a flock of seagulls of Hitchcockian proportions soar above a deserted beach where a harbor seal lolls in the sunshine. With surfers carving the face of a wave breaking off this reef just north of Santa Cruz, it’s the kind of nature-boy scene that sells billions of dollars of surf apparel and gear to coastal dwellers and landlocked wannabes. There’s nothing pristine about what’s under our feet, though. The typical surfboard is a slab of petroleum-spawned polyurethane slathered in layers of toxic polyester resin. Gnarly, and not in a good way.