Notes from the Field: Soggy Bay Serenade

Watch the video of these cheerful students singing in the rain.

Every once in a while a group comes along that stands out. Driving down to Eden Landing in the rain with my co-instructor Jack we were worried about volunteers showing up on a rainy Saturday morning. We quickly realized that we’d be okay when a giant bus full of high school choir students from Allentown, Pennsylvania showed up ready to work.

Many people who come out to restore the Bay with us have a personal connection to it, and this connection motivates them to work. Our group from Allentown, many of them on their first visit to the Bay area, needed no prior introduction to the Bay to work their hardest. Not only did the group do an amazing job of working through the rain to plant over 300 plants, they sang while they worked! This was a first for me on a volunteer program, and as a musician and singer myself, it was a truly heartwarming experience. Groups like this one make working to restore the bay a pleasure!

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Dylan Chapple, Restoration Specialist