Wonky Wednesday: Fix San Francisco Bay’s Trash Problem

Take ActionIn an age when your phone is smarter than you are, and scientists can clone just about anything, why are we still allowing tons of trash to pollute our Bay?

According to a recent study, over a million gallons of trash flow into the San Francisco Bay each year  from our streets and storm drains. That’s the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping almost 300 kitchen garbage bags into the Bay every day.

The Bay Area Water Board is responsible for making sure that cities reduce the amount of trash in our waterways. Urge the Water Board to hold cities accountable for reducing trash in our creeks and Bay!

Cities must take actions to reduce litter before it flows into our creeks. Some cities are being proactive, while others are doing very little to address this serious problem.

Keeping trash out of the Bay will require every city to do their part. Tell the Water Board to enforce strong trash regulations throughout the Bay.