San Francisco Bay: Home to leopard sharks and toxic trash

hot spot or not
Vote on the trashiest waterway in the Bay. We’ll adopt the winner for cleanup.

San Francisco Bay is a thriving natural treasure encircled by vibrant wetlands and home to many critters like seals, pelicans and leopard sharks.  Unfortunately, it is also home to trash – and a lot of it.  In fact, some parts of the Bay are so trashy that they violate the Federal Clean Water Act.

Luckily, Save The Bay is giving the community a chance to do something about this trash problem….What’s more is that you can do this from your computer and it only takes 5 minutes!  Visit the Bay Trash Hot Spots website and vote “Hot Spot” or “Not.”  Save The Bay will harness volunteers to adopt and clean up the top-voted spot!

I know that you, like me, do not purposely litter.  So, you are probably wondering where all this trash is coming from.  I helped clean up the San Jose shoreline on Coastal Cleanup Day a few weekends ago and was disgusted by the amount of tiny pieces of Styrofoam, plastic bags, cigarette butts and more we cleared from the environment.

Sure, some of this trash was purposely littered (like the cigarette butts), but a lot of it likely blew out of overflowing trash cans and into storm drains and creeks where it flowed to the Bay.  Plastic trash is especially dangerous to animals that mistake it for food, eat it and then are poisoned or starve.

In addition to hosting cleanups, Save The Bay is focused on stopping trash at its source.  That’s why we are working with cities all over the Bay to pass strong bans on plastic bags and Styrofoam.   We are proud that currently 50% of Bay Area residents live in communities that have banned single-use plastic bags, and 30 cities or counties have banned Styrofoam food packaging. And five years after passing the first bag ban in the country, San Francisco’s expanded plastic bag ban goes into effect October 1st.

All of us working together have the power to reduce Bay pollution to keep our water clean and protect our quality of life.  Please remember to bring your reusable bags when shopping.  And simply take just 5 minutes right now to vote for the hottest hot spot.  And then join Save The Bay as a volunteer to help clean it up. The critters in the Bay will thank you!