Staff Profile | Meet Kaitlin Chandler

Kaitlin Chandler
Meet Kaitlin Chandler, Save The Bay’s Development Associate.

Meet Kaitlin Chandler, our Development Associate from Lafayette.

What other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

Traveling! Plus anything outdoor and active; hiking, skiing, lacrosse, backpacking, and running to name a few.

Who is your environmental hero?

Save The Bay. I am so impressed by all the smart policies we have supported and enforced, all the land around the Bay we have protected and restored, and all the supporters and residents we have engaged. The organization has accomplished so much! But obviously has so much more to do.

What is one thing you do each day to protect the environment?

I don’t own a car so I BART/walk/bus/bike everywhere

What is your favorite thing about the San Francisco Bay Area?

It’s unique, pleasant, and beautiful landscape. So many places to hike, boat, bike and discover, where sunshine and mild weather are commonplace.