Bay Bridge Lights it Up

The Bay Lights
The Bay Lights reflect on San Francisco Bay. Photo: Warzau Wynn

Although I missed Tuesday night’s unveiling of the The Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge, it’s incredibly exciting to have such large-scale and public art visible along the Bay shoreline.  Over the next two years, an estimated 50 million people will gaze at the nightly twinkling of 25,000 LED lights, their reflection on the cool Bay waters, and how they cast an eerie glow on the fog rolling down from Twin Peaks. This kind of simple public interaction with the Bay and local landmarks is right up our alley with For The Bay.

As you’ve probably heard, For The Bay is a new initiative for us here at Save The Bay.  It’s all about providing new opportunities for Bay Area residents with ways to interact with, learn from, and explore the myriad of ways that a clean and healthy San Francisco Bay makes the region such a special place to live, work, and raise a family.

We know that 9 in 10 people in our communities think the Bay is critical to our quality of life, but only a small fraction of them ever take action to support the Bay and Bay issues.  And while events like the new Bay Bridge lights are a small first step, we’re working hard to identify as many other ways that we can engage Bay Area residents around our most magnificent resource – the Bay!

So we’ve got a question for you:  what are your favorite ways to interact with the Bay?