Weekly Roundup | June 14, 2013

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San Francisco Chronicle 6/9/13
Restoring the shore on World Oceans Day
To the person who tossed the Burger King action hero cup somewhere in Oakland – yes, you – here’s what happened to it: After tumbling into a drain, it floated down the culvert beneath city streets, surfaced in the East Creek Slough and landed on a shore near the airport.
There your cup met a Lay’s barbecue potato chip bag, a hot sauce wrapper, a Quickly Market cup, assorted plastic forks and spoons, and plenty of other garbage caught in patches of western goldenrod and sticky monkey flower along the slough’s south bank. Those native plants capture much of the junk before it can drift farther into San Francisco Bay, and are planted there not to ease your conscience, should it exist, but to protect the Pacific Ocean.
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SF Examiner 6/11/13
Bayfront Trail gaps not going anywhere
The Burlingame Bayfront Shoreline Trail, part of the San Francisco Bay Trail system, is 5.5 miles of scenic hiking and biking trail that runs alongside the Bay. Its views are beautiful, but two noticeable gaps divide the trail. Walkers and bikers must retire to the street or forge ahead through nonpaths that may be littered with detritus such as old mattresses.
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ONEARTH 5/29/13
Could California’s Salmon Make a Comeback?
Jon Rosenfield and I bushwhack through the scrubby willows that line the American River east of Sacramento. The air is crisp this October morning, and the timing of our visit should be just right to watch California’s Chinook salmon as they return to where their lives began and spawn the next generation. Rosenfield, a biologist, works for a conservation group called the Bay Institute, and he wants me to witness an annual ritual that future generations might not have the opportunity to see.
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Mercury News 6/12/13
Bay Trail to add scenic segment along Carquinez Strait bluffs
A washed-out and washed-up county road is about to be remade into a new, $5.5 million regional shoreline trail along the scenic Carquinez Strait, linking Central and West Contra Costa County.
On or before July 5, East Bay Regional Park District contractors will be begin rebuilding and converting 1.7 miles of Carquinez Scenic Drive into a hiking and riding trail between Martinez and the town of Port Costa.
The trail segment — expected to open in fall 2014 — will improve access to an often-overlooked area of hills, shoreline, natural parks and preserve south of the strait between San Francisco Bay and the Delta.
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The Sacramento Bee 6/10/13
Delta could get saltier if tunnels are built
The two giant water diversion tunnels Gov. Jerry Brown proposes building in the Delta would be large enough to meet annual water needs for a city such as Newport Beach in a single day’s gulp from the Sacramento River.
That gulp, however, would also prevent a lot of fresh water from flowing through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This would likely make water saltier for farms near Isleton and cities such as Antioch, which draws some of its drinking water from the Delta.
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