Weekly Roundup | June 20, 2013

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NBC Southern California 6/18/13
Plastic Bag Ban Passes LA City Council
Los Angeles moved one step closer Tuesday to becoming the latest California city to ban single-use plastic bags.  The City Council voted 11-1 to tentatively approve a plan to phase out single-use plastic bags that includes a 10-cent charge for paper bags and regulations regarding the types of permitted reusable bags.
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NPR 6/19/13
To Rebuild NYC’s Beaches, A Native Plant Savings And Loan
Across the New York region, people are still working to rebuild homes and businesses after the havoc wrought by Hurricane Sandy. But the storm also devastated the dunes and native flora of New York’s beaches.
When the city replants grasses on those dunes, it will be able to draw on seeds from precisely the grasses that used to thrive there. That’s because of a very special kind of bank: a seed bank run by the Greenbelt Native Plant Center on Staten Island.
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San Jose Mercury News 6/19/13
Campbell becomes latest Bay Area city to ban single-use plastic bags
The Campbell City Council has voted to ban single-use plastic bags, making Campbell the latest Bay Area city to join in on what is becoming an almost inevitable decision by city councils across the state.
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The Sacramento Bee 6/20/13
Lawsuits hit new Delta Plan from all sides
A plan intended, at least in part, to resolve decades of water conflict in the Delta has instead spawned a flood of lawsuits, with at least five separate suits filed against the plan in recent days. The Delta Plan, as it is known, was required by 2009 state legislation, which also created the Delta Stewardship Council, the organization that adopted the plan on May 16.
Environmental groups, local organizations and water users have filed at least five lawsuits in recent days against the plan. They claim, among other things, that the plan fails to satisfy the legal requirements laid out for it and also violates the California Environmental Quality Act.
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