Two Days Remain

Who are you saving the Bay for?

savethebay_photoPerhaps you’re saving the Bay for your children, who will grow up with the memory of watching fireworks over the Bay Bridge. Or maybe you’re saving the Bay for your energetic dog, who loves your Saturday walks along the shore. Maybe you’re saving the Bay for your mom, who enjoys her beloved view of the Bay from the house you grew up in.

The Bay belongs to all of us, and we share the responsibility to protect it from the challenges it continually faces from shoreline development and toxic pollution.

We’re excited to share that hundreds of Save The Bay members have joined together to support the 2013 Bay-A-thon and had their donations doubled through this matching opportunity. But we haven’t yet reached our goal, and we don’t want to leave any money on the table.

Only two days remain to double your donation to defend the Bay.

We have $22, 014 left to raise in the next two days, before the 2013 Bay-A-Thon ends. With your help, we can get there! Donating now will help us continue to defend the Bay for future generations. Can we count on your support?

Any gift that you can give will help sustain our efforts to halt massive bayfill, restore wetlands, and engage and educate the community to save the Bay. That’s why we must reach our 2013 Bay-A-Thon $150,000 target! Make your contribution now to have it count in the 2013 Bay-A-Thon.

It will go twice as far to Save the Bay. The Bay-A-Thon ends at midnight on July 4th! Thank you for joining your neighbors and friends to help us reach our goal. Together, we’re saving the Bay for all of us.