I’m for the Bay because…

IMG_1968_fb2What do you love about San Francisco Bay? Everyone who lives in the Bay Area has fallen for the Bay at some point, which explains why Bay Area natives are so proud of this area. The Bay adds to the beauty of the region and connects unique and bustling cities that comprise the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up in Alameda, I’ve had the unique opportunity to take my dog along the Bay within a 5 minute walk.  It’s hard to imagine not having that chance to enjoy the Bay at least once a week. The Bay is a constant reminder of just how lucky we are to live in such a gorgeous region.

For my summer project at Save The Bay, it only seemed fitting to focus on local love for the Bay, its importance, and how it brings together people from many different walks of life. I wanted to take photos of Bay Area residents expressing their love for the Bay and its importance to them. The Bay has different meanings to different people, but in the end they all connect to the fact that the Bay has significant importance to each person. This project engages different types of people, such as bicyclists, parents, runners, outdoorsy people, and environmentalists about their love for the Bay.

During the process of asking people to fill out the signs for the pictures, I found it interesting how most people picked “My favorite spot along the Bay is…” sign instead of “I am for the Bay because…”.  Several people mentioned that it was hard from them to describe, in one phrase, the exact reasons why they are for restoring the Bay. After I thought about that, it made sense because I had trouble explaining it myself. Of course I am for protecting the Bay (I do work for Save The Bay, right?!), but they are abstract reasons, so it is hard to articulate in one sentence. Maybe that is the point; many of us cannot imagine the Bay Area if the Bay was taken out of the equation because the region would not have the same feel without it. 

As you can see from this photo project, Save The Bay’s restoration efforts matter to people from all walks of life — from dogs, to adults, to teenagers. We all have reasons for protecting the Bay, and there are dozens of spots along the shoreline where we can experience our personal moments of appreciation for living in such a beautiful place. Personally, I am for the Bay because I want my future family to be able to enjoy living in the Bay Area just as much as I have. And my favorite spot along the Bay? It’s where I can sit on top of a cement boat on the edge of Bay Farm Island in Alameda and look out directly across the Bay to see the Bay Bridge, an outline of San Francisco, Oakland and the rest of Alameda.

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