Weekly Roundup | September 27, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed 9/23/13
Redwood City wrong to let developers flout rules
We have trouble, right here in Redwood City. This is not “Music Man” wayward-youth trouble. It is City Council, City Planning Commission and City Planning Department trouble. Our trouble could potentially affect the whole Bay Area.
The trouble comes in various sizes, but it all involves a refusal of Redwood City to play by its own rules and implement its own codes and General Plan. What the city is doing – and citizens, courts and state commissions are attempting to stop – is ripping up the environmental and social fabric of an important part of the Bay Area piece by piece.
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San Francisco Chronicle 9/25/13
Alameda Point studies threat of rising sea level
Plan on moving to Alameda Point someday? You might want to pack a swimsuit and snorkel.
Much of the former Naval Air Station – site of a projected 1,425-home development – will be underwater by the end of the century due to sea level rise brought on by climate change, according to the city’s draft environmental impact report on the project released this month.
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 San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/13
Bechtel Gift to Help Transform Presidio
The largest cash gift in national parks history is intended to be the catalyst to create 10 acres of parkland connecting the heart of the Presidio to Crissy Field and the bay. The $25 million from the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation will fund more than half the estimated budget for what is being called Tunnel Top Parkland. A new bluff will cover the rebuilt Doyle Drive, allowing for an unbroken landscape from Crissy Field’s marsh inland to the Main Post of the former military base, which now is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
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