A “Big Day” for Bay Wetland Restoration

"This is enlightened self-interest and insurance against a disaster or sea level rise that could happen tomorrow." - Carl Guardino, Silicon Valley Leadership Group president
San Francisco Bay wetlands

We are thrilled to learn this week that Sonoma Land Trust purchased Haire Ranch in the North Bay. Ownership of this 1100 acres is essential to the ability to restore tidal influence at Skaggs Island, covering an area four times greater than just the former ranch itself – altogether 3000 football fields in size. That’s a lot of marsh!

SLT calls the ranch “the holy grail of conservation projects.” Progress toward a tidal Skaggs has been pending since the Navy left the site 20 years ago, because the restoration of Skaggs Island could not proceed without Haire also being flooded.

San Francisco Bay is the heart of our region and people and wildlife stand to gain dramatically from this work, part of the largest tidal restoration project on the West CoastWe are working to identify the resources to double the Bay’s current tidal marsh, protecting shoreline communities and vital infrastructure all around our region while creating better habitat and improving water quality.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the California Coastal Conservancy helped fund SLT’s purchase of Haire Ranch. Many thanks to them and all the many partners who are working to make this vision a reality.

I was out on the shoreline at dusk on Monday evening in Palo Alto and again this morning in Hayward. It is amazing how beautiful and truly wild — full of wildlife – these areas can be. I hope you all will find some time over the holidays to get out into our amazing SF Bay shoreline.