Volunteer Spotlight | Meet Tahmina Hossain

Meet Tahmina Hossain from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tahmina Hossain
Tahmina Hossain

How many times have you volunteered with Save The Bay?
First time.

How did you get involved with Save The Bay?
Encouraged by Solar City, my workplace.

What is the best thing about volunteering with Save The Bay?
It was a great sight to see so many people of different ages and ethnicities coming together to save the environment.

What is your favorite thing about the San Francisco Bay Area?
The beautiful weather and amazing scenery.

What is one thing you do each day to protect the environment?
Recycle and compost as much as possible.

Anything else you want to tell us?
Thank you for providing this amazing service to the community. Many of us want to help preserve our environment but don’t really know how to. Save The Bay makes it so easy and convenient, whether you have experience or not. Thank you for this amazing and gratifying experience.

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