Weekly Roundup: January 3, 2014

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San Francisco Chronicle 12/31/13
Group says arena should require S.F. voters’ OK
The political fight over the future of San Francisco’s waterfront has just been ramped up a notch.
A measure proposed for the June ballot just delivered to the city would require that voters approve any development on Port of San Francisco property that exceeds existing height limits. That would include at least three major projects: the Warriors’ proposed arena at Piers 30-32, the Giants’ mixed-use development at a site that is now their main parking lot, and the transformation of the former shipyard at Pier 70 into commercial space, homes and other uses.
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San Jose Mercury News 12/31/13
San Jose won’t increase price of paper bags as ordinance originally required
San Jose’s plastic bag ban is working so well that the city’s environmental services department and council members won’t push paper bag prices to 25 cents each on Jan. 1 as determined when the council ordinance first took affect.
But another ban begins on that day, this one for Styrofoam packaging from multi-state restaurants and fast food outlets. The ban takes place for other restaurants and small food establishments Jan. 1, 2015, which the council hopes will allow prices on other types of packaging to fall, allowing cheaper alternatives for the smaller businesses.
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San Jose Mercury News 12/31/13
King Tides foretell Bay Area’s flood-plagued future
Winston Bumpus stood on the redwood deck of the Sequoia Yacht Club on Tuesday morning, training a careful eye on the murky green water just a couple feet below.
The club’s New Year’s Eve party wouldn’t start until 8 p.m., but he’d arrived about 12 hours early at the Redwood City marina to make sure the morning’s high tide didn’t sneak over the deck and into the club’s carpeted interior. He had sandbags and plastic sheeting ready, but in the end they weren’t needed: The water got within 1.5 feet of the deck before retreating around 10 a.m.
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San Francisco Chronicle 12/20/31
Stop feds’ land grab from state parks
In an audacious display of bureaucratic arrogance, the federal government is threatening to use its eminent domain powers to seize a state-owned street near Alameda’s Crown Beach to accommodate a proposed development of up to 90 homes.
It gets worse. The targeted property is not exactly state surplus. It is a short stretch of McKay Avenue that provides access to the interpretive center at Crab Cove, which sits at the eastern edge of the largest stretch of public beach on the San Francisco Bay. The General Services Administration wants to claim the road to assure utility services for the Roseville (Placer County) developer who outbid the East Bay Regional Park District for the 4-acre site on what is known as Neptune Pointe.
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Sacramento Bee 12/29/13
Drought brings water rationing orders
December is usually not the time of year to discuss water rationing. But this holiday month has been so dry that mandatory water conservation orders are beginning to sweep across the Sacramento region.
The city of Folsom led the pack on Monday, imposing a mandatory 20 percent water conservation order. On Thursday, Sacramento County asked customers in unincorporated areas to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20 percent. The cities of Sacramento and Roseville are likely to consider their own measures during the first week of January.
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