Notes from the Field | A dumpster full of weeds

What do we do with all these weeds at Ravenswood Pond?? Thanks to Budget Dumpster for helping us get rid of all those invasives.

Over the past few months Save The Bay’s Habitat Restoration Team has had to adapt our programs because of the severe drought we are experiencing throughout California.  The warm weather and lack of rain has curtailed our ability to plant native seedlings and in many cases non-native invasive species, like slenderleaf iceplant, have begun to germinate early.  In order to manage these new issues, we have been fortunate enough to have an army of dedicated volunteers, park rangers, and companies who have stepped up to help. Together, we’ve spent countless hours watering and mulching existing seedlings and weeding those pesky invasives that are now competing against the native plants.

We’ve been lucky to get help from some unexpected places. Recently, we were contacted by Kevin Robert Rossignol, who is the Outreach Coordinator for Budget Dumpster.  As luck would have it Kevin offered us a free dumpster bin rental, which usually cost around 400 dollars to rent!

Now you might ask, why would Save The Bay need a dumpster?  Well, the location of some of our sites makes it difficult to dispose of invasive non-native weeds like slender leaf ice plant.  Sometimes we have to resort to composting these weeds them on site.  Since these plants can easily spread from the compost pile and be reintroduced to the restoration site, it’s best to get rid of these plants all together.  Our restoration site at Ravenswood Open Space Preserve in Menlo Park needed some tender love and care and with Budget Dumpster’s generous donation we were able to remove hundreds of pounds of invasive species.

Budget Dumpster donates dumpster bin rentals to various organizations every quarter and I just wanted to give a big thanks to Kevin Rossignol and all those at Budget Dumpster for their help!