Support Your Bay with a Donor-Advised Fund

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Your gift supports our work to protect and restore San Francisco Bay.

What is a donor-advised fund, and how does it help Save The Bay?

A donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a vehicle to simplify your charitable giving to Save The Bay. An easy way to think about a donor-advised fund is like a charitable savings account: you contribute to the fund as frequently as you like and then recommend grants to Save The Bay and other non-profits as you desire.

Do you already have a donor-advised fund? We recently installed a convenient new donation tool on our website to make DAF giving even easier. You simply choose the amount of your donation and connect directly to your donor-advised fund at Fidelity Charitable or Schwab Charitable.

Where does your DAF donation, or any donation to Save The Bay, go?

Every donation helps us sustain and expand our work to protect and restore a thriving San Francisco Bay. 100% of your contribution to Save The Bay stays right here in the Bay Area. Your contribution supports our work to:

  • Reduce Plastic Trash and Toxic Cigarette Butts: With an estimated 3 billion cigarettes littered in the Bay Area each year, not to mention the Styrofoam and other trash that threatens the health of the Bay, we are urging cities to eliminate this pollution at its source by limiting outdoor smoking and banning plastic bags and Styrofoam.
  • Restore More Wetlands: Seven million Bay Area residents, 400 native species, our economy and quality of life all depend on a healthy San Francisco Bay. That’s why we have a visionary goal of 100,000 acres of restored wetlands and, with your help, our staff and volunteers are making progress through our on-the-ground wetland restoration projects.
  • Lead the Ongoing Fight Against Reckless Shoreline Development: We’ve fought back Cargill’s plan to build a new city on 1,436 acres of restorable Bay salt ponds, but Cargill has vowed to keep trying. We remain vigilant and ready, thanks to our members and donors.

Our detailed financial statements and IRS forms are always available online, and if you have questions about making a tax-deductible gift to Save The Bay through a donor-advised fund you can contact Janine Kraus, Chief Development Officer, at 510.463.6806 or

We’re grateful to have such passionate and informed members and volunteers. Our San Francisco Bay faces ongoing challenges and emerging threats and we fight every day to protect and restore the Bay. Your support is what makes this possible, and we’re proud to be in this fight alongside you.