A Rewarding Experience

Earlier this month, my fellow restoration specialist and I had the privilege to lead a restoration education program with My City School, a new school in San Francisco created for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. I was contacted by the school’s coordinator, also a parent and founder, who inspired me with her story of how she sought out a way to provide a better learning experience for her child, as well as other young, challenged students in San Francisco. I was touched by her story and eager to offer My City School students the experience of a wetland restoration program with Save The Bay.

My city school photo
Students from My City School visit our MLK Jr. Shoreline site. From left to right: Will, Dimitri, Bella, Rachelle, and Tommy.

On their Bay Discovery trip at the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline, we transplanted gumplant seedlings, went for a “wetland walk” during which we explored the features of wetland ecosystems, and participated in a shoreline trash cleanup. As group leaders, we were able to spend one-on-one time with the students and teach them about the Bay, the wetland ecosystem, and measures we can take to help it thrive. We also watched terns diving for fish and manta rays swimming in the shallows!

All in all, the most memorable part of this experience came at the end of the program, when these students expressed how thankful they were for spending the day with Save The Bay and making the Bay a better place for us all. This event noticeably spurred their passion to protect, restore, and celebrate the San Francisco Bay. I speak for both my coworker and I when I say that this was a truly rewarding experience, and one that highlights the importance of our education programs for students of all varieties.

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