Volunteer Spotlight | Irvington High School Students

Students from Irvington High School
Top row (left to right): Ishani Desai, Iris Wen, Shreya Chowdhury, Vinamar Sidhu | Bottom Row (right to left): Vasuman Moza, Khoi Duong, Jwalin Shah, Michael Nguyen

Save The Bay values the work and commitments of students. These eight freshmen from Fremont’s Irvington High School recently chose to focus on wetland restoration issues for a school project. Do you know a school or student group who’d love to get to work on the shoreline? Check out upcoming volunteer events.

How many times have you volunteered with Save The Bay?

4 times.

Do you have a favorite site?

Bair Island in Redwood City.

How did you get involved with Save The Bay?

The CHANGE project, which is the freshmen benchmark project at Irvington High School that deals with environmental issues.

What is the best thing about volunteering with Save The Bay?

The things we’re learning and the knowledge that we’re making a difference.

Who is your environmental hero?

John Muir.

What is your favorite thing about the San Francisco Bay Area?

The beauty of it: location, weather, scenery, diversity.

What is one thing you do each day to protect the environment?

Recycling and carpooling.