Meet 3 Bay All Stars

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Meet all-star volunteers Steven Russell, Steve Haas (pictured with Restoration Project Specialist Bryan Derr) and Sheldon Nelson

Save The Bay relies on our volunteers to restore marsh habitat around the Bay, and some go above and beyond in their time and effort spent. When tasked to plant 20,000 native plants at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve, in sensitive habitat inaccessible to our large volunteer groups, three of our most dedicated volunteers were ready to help. Three “all-star” volunteers — Steven Russell, Steve Haas, and Sheldon Nelson — joined Save The Bay’s restoration staff in planting up to 1,500 plants a day in the field. Donating a full day of work, they not only provided physical labor, but great attitudes, humor, and camaraderie to the restoration team.

Steven Russell of Redwood City has been volunteering with Save The Bay for almost ten years! His favorite Save The Bay restoration site is Eden Landing Ecological Reserve because watching the restoration work throughout the site gives him great hope for the Bay’s future.

Steve Haas of Menlo Park has been a volunteer with Save The Bay for eight years, he enjoys returning to the many Save The Bay restoration sites to see the difference volunteers have made to establish native plants and remove invasive ones.

A San Ramon native, Sheldon Nelson has been a regular volunteer with Save The Bay for four years. His favorite site is Eden Landing Ecological Reserve because it is a beautiful place to work, and when the tide comes in he feels like he is standing in the middle of the bay.

Thank you Steven, Steve, and Sheldon for your dedication to Saving the San Francisco Bay! Visit to join our dedicated team of volunteers to help restore our Bay.