June 2015 Blog Roundup

Here are the five most popular posts from our blog in June. Read more about microbeads, the potential for future flooding and three stories about how people interact with the Bay.

Good Riddance to Microbreads

Cyril Manning, Communications Director


470 million plastic microbeads are released into San Francisco Bay every day, posing health hazards to the aquatic environment. The California Assembly is taking action to ban microbeads in personal care products sold in California. Read More




From Drought to Downpour

Nissa Kreidler, Restoration Operations Specialist

An artist’s rendition of California’s flooded State Capitol circa 1862

A Great Flood hit the Bay Area in 1861, leaving most of the low lying areas around the Bay covered in water. Scientists project that a flood like this could happen again. Is the Bay prepared for the next big storm? Read More






Paddle to the Sea

Coauthored by Luigi Ryan, Monica Greene, and Aly Cheney, Guest Bloggers

The Tuolumne River Trust’s kayaked down through the Tuolumne watershed, from Yosemite, into the Central Valley, down through the Delta, across the Bay, and out to the sea at the Golden Gate Bridge. Learn about their journey paddling from the Sierras to the Sea. Read More




Coming Back to the Bay

Caity Varian, Communications Volunteer

View of the San Francisco Bay from Tiburon.Returning to the Bay Area after a long time away is an amazing experience, especially for Bay Natives. Communications Volunteer Caity Varian reflects on her experience returning to Bay during college breaks. Read More




Escaping Alcatraz | Bridget Quinn 

Bridget Quinn, Guest Blogger

Bridget and friends preparing for the iconic swim.

Escape from Alcatraz participant and avid Bay swimmer Bridget Quinn reflects on the experience of swimming in the Bay and the unique perspective it provides. “I’ve been swimming in the Bay for fifteen years and consider the proximity of such liquid majesty one of San Francisco’s greatest gifts.”  Read More