Nominate a Bay Hero

San Francisco Bay is more than a large body of water. It’s the symbol of our region that inspires many of our unique activities, hobbies, and local jobs. Which is why we are excited to announce a new blog feature that celebrates our Bay lifestyle. Introducing, Bay Heroes!

A Bay Hero is someone who has an inspirational, meaningful or impactful relationship with San Francisco Bay. Here are some of the Bay Heroes we’ve recognized already:

Adam Sewall, Fisherman
Captain Adam Sewall of the Sunrise Fish Company spends long days fishing halibut from his one-man fishing boat in the San Francisco Bay and along the Marin coast.

Bridget Quinn, Swimmer
Bridget Quinn is a local athlete who swims in San Francisco Bay and participated in the 2015 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon.

Cris Benton, Ariel Kite Photographer
Aerial kite photographer Cris Benton uses a kite to fly a radio-controlled camera to great heights, bringing the intricate details of the South Bay’s salt ponds into focus. His images have also been used to assist the South Bay Salt Pond restoration effort.

Linda Gass, Textile Artist
Los Altos based textile artist Linda Gass creates vibrant stitched paintings that explore the water and landscapes of the San Francisco Bay, making statements about land use and the importance of wetland restoration.

Maggie McDonogh, Ferry Boat Captain
Captain Maggie McDonogh is the President, CEO and fourth generation Captain of the Angel Island – Tiburon Ferry Company, now celebrating over 55 years serving the community on San Francisco Bay.

If you share a similar love and appreciation for our Bay, we want to hear from you! Email me at if you’re interested in sharing your Bay story with us.