Former staff – where are they now?

For over 50 years, Save The Bay’s work has been driven by talented and visionary leaders who are committed to improving our environment. Our storied history and esteemed accomplishments have attracted talented staff members who do great work for San Francisco Bay. Many of our former staff go on to contribute their skills to the broader environmental movement with other organizations. We recently caught up with a few former Bay Savers to ask them about what they’ve been up to since leaving Save The Bay.

reid and gore
Darcie pictured with Sen. Harry Reid and former Vice President Al Gore.

Darcie Goodman Collins, PhD
Former Habitat Restoration Director at Save The Bay 
Current Executive Director of The League to Save Lake Tahoe 

For almost four years, after leaving Save The Bay, I have been leading an effort to protect an important waterbody inland from the Bay. As the Executive Director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe (aka Keep Tahoe Blue) I lead a team of 16- working to advocate, educate and collaborate to protect Lake Tahoe.

Established in 1957 by a group of concerned citizens from the Bay Area, Tahoe and elsewhere, the League to Save Lake Tahoe shares many similarities and founding members with Save The Bay. The group’s biggest initial victory was stopping an extensive development plan that would have allowed a bridge across Emerald Bay and large urban areas surrounding the Lake.

Our current campaigns are combating pollution, tackling invasive species, protecting our shorelines and promoting restoration. We approach these campaigns through our community engagement, citizen science and advocacy programs. Many of these programs are newly created and were a direct result of the influence and impact of working with the successful programs at Save The Bay. I am grateful to translate the lessons I learned at Save The Bay to the work we are doing in Tahoe to protect the Lake!

Njambi now leads a team of grassroots organizers with Greenpeace USA.

Njambi Good
Former Chief Strategy Officer at Save The Bay
Current Senior Director for Grassroots Engagement at Greenpeace USA

I now work at Greenpeace USA and am their senior director for Grassroots Engagement.  I work with a team of about 25 organizers around the country that are tasked with engaging, developing and mobilizing volunteer leaders around Greenpeace’s priority campaigns. As a global organization running myriad campaign projects ranging from preventing climate change, to stopping drilling in the Arctic, to working to achieve a more equitable democracy in the US, each day is very full, dynamic, and challenging. The teams I manage include organizers working with students around the country, staff leading critical campaign fights on climate change in communities all over the US, and movement building specialists whose focus is to help other smaller grassroots organizations campaign on climate justice.

I really both enjoyed and learned a lot from my time at Save the Bay. Save the Bay is able to successfully work on a variety of campaign projects, beyond what you would expect for an organization of its size. And it was wonderful to be working at an organization with such an empowering grassroots organizing history and legacy.  It was so motivating to be able to get out to our restoration sites and to be able to both participate in the restoration and get to see how meaningful that experience was for hundreds of volunteers. I still feel very committed to the mission of Save the Bay, and want to stay connected as a volunteer and donor.