Meet science teacher Jeff Sandler

Students at Creekside
Jeff Sandler’s class out on a SEED program with Save The Bay at Creekside Marsh in Marin.

Meet Jeff Sandler from Fairfax, a science teacher in Berkeley who brought his 7th grade class out to the shoreline to participate in Save The Bay’s SEED program.  SEED — Students Engaging in Ecological Design — engages middle and high school students in the full restoration cycle.

How did you get involved with Save The Bay?

Years ago, I took my high school classes out on the Bay with the Canoes in Sloughs program.  For the last three years, my middle school classes have been participating in the SEED program – where we help restore wetlands around the Bay.  A great service learning opportunity!

Do you have a favorite site or experience?

I guess my favorite site is the Native Plant Nursery at the MLK Shoreline. Having the students’ work there – doing everything from re-potting seedlings to cleaning out old planting tubes and flats – gives them a great sense of accomplishment as they can literally do 100’s of these in a few hours.  The students also get to “close the loop” on the whole restoration cycle. Working there shows us where the small plants in the tubes that we use for wetland restoration come from!

What other activities or hobbies do you enjoy?

Fishing, mountain biking, trail running, cooking

What is your first/fondest memory of San Francisco Bay?

Bringing my own children to the shore of the Bay to fish.  Now that they are grown up, they still enjoy fishing and I’d like to think that their great patience and appreciation of the natural world is the result of all of those hours spent on the Bay.

To learn more about our SEED program and see our resources for teachers on our website.

Thanks to Jeff and all the students who came out to learn about the complete cycle of tidal marsh restoration, from seeds to ecosystems!