Guest post | Cleaning up South Bay Creeks

Chinook Salmon
Local cleanup efforts have made Los Gatos Creek healthier for Chinook salmon.

For the past 3 years, the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition has been a community-based volunteer effort struggling to restore our trash-clogged South Bay Creeks and Rivers, removing over 140 tons of trash. Prior to this effort, the winter storms carried much of this trash downstream and into the Bay. As this work has progressed, we are seeing nature reward us with the return of beaver absent from our creeks for over 160 years and improved habitat for steelhead and Chinook salmon.

This work is only a piece in a larger chain of an interconnected puzzle with each impacting the other. The benefit to our Bay’s health by setting aside a long term financial commitment via Measure AA is an important next step.

– Steve Holmes, South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition