Save The Bay’s Cartoon Friends!

Like many people around the Bay Area, I grew up reading the cartoon funny pages of various newspapers. Sometimes on Sunday mornings, reading the comics page became a sort of scavenger hunt. My Dad would read the paper on the couch or on the porch, then my mother would take it and read it at the kitchen table or in bed. When I finally woke up around 2pm nobody knew where the paper was anymore, yet I somehow would always find it. I loved reading Foxtrot, Pearls Before Swine, Beetle Bailey, and Garfield. I soon grew fond of Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, and Watchmen. Now, in my early 20’s I feel enough vigor and aptitude to write some comics of my own. I hope someday my comics can turn into gift wrap for somebody’s birthday present, displayed in between the comic worlds of Stephan Pastis and Bill Amend.

I have chosen to write about environmental issues in the Bay Area because I’ve been taught to laugh at the seriousness from time to time. My colleagues and I stress about Global Warming, Measure AA, and Microplastics enough as it is. I have written these strips as a personal respite from the issues, and I hope some of you can enjoy them the same way.

Zander McLaughlin
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