Fighting for our Bay at the state and federal level

We're just getting started. Join today.More than a month has gone by since Save The Bay’s members and supporters helped secure an unprecedented victory for our Bay by passing Measure AA. We have a lot to celebrate, we know we still have so much work to do.

Here’s a bit of what’s next for Save The Bay:

Fighting for our Bay’s fair share from the federal government

While Measure AA will speed up marsh restoration and climate adaptation, we can’t restore the Bay’s national wildlife refuges unless Washington, D.C., matches our investment. Right now, our region is not being treated fairly—in fact, Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound got 16 times more federal money than San Francisco Bay over the last decade. It’s time for us to press for our Bay’s fair share of federal funds.

Banning plastic bags in California once and for all

Together we’ve secured plastic bag bans in most of the Bay Area—a huge success. But California’s rivers, ocean, and communities are all connected, and millions of plastic bags from other cities still flow into our shared waterways. This November, we can pass Proposition 67 to ban this toxic, deadly pollution once and for all. Out-of-state companies who make this trash are spending millions of dollars to defeat the bag ban, so this won’t be an easy win. But we’re determined to pass Proposition 67 and ban the bag in California for good.

…And so much more

We’re working to rid our Bay of toxic trash and make our communities “Bay Smart.” That means doing far more to limit the damaging impacts Bay Area communities have on Bay waters and wildlife, reining in our region’s contributions to climate change, and expanding public access to the shoreline so that all residents can enjoy our beautiful Bay.

This is a truly exciting time for San Francisco Bay. Our victory on Measure AA was just the beginning. Please join Save The Bay today to help fund the critical work that lies ahead.