Senator Harris: We’re counting on you!

Kamala HarrisOn Tuesday, Jan. 3, Kamala Harris was sworn in as California’s first new U.S. Senator in 24 years.

As the San Francisco Chronicle put it, she “arrives in Washington carrying heavy expectations as a symbol of her party’s new generation and a defender of California’s interests in an unknown new political order.”

In the years ahead, we’ll be counting on Senator Harris to stand up to the GOP congressional majority and the Trump administration to protect our environment and San Francisco Bay.

As the freshman senator begins her term, we want to introduce her to Save The Bay’s amazing grassroots community. We are compiling personal notes from our supporters into a unique, hardcover book that will inspire her to fight on our behalf.

We’ll deliver this special book directly to Sen. Harris, to congratulate her on her election and encourage her to do everything in her power to fight the appointment of climate-change deniers, defend the Clean Water Act, and champion San Francisco Bay.

We’re fortunate here in the Bay Area to have two senators and many representatives who share our environmental values. But with so many competing priorities and environmental adversaries controlling every branch of the federal government, our members of Congress need to hear from us now more than ever. They need to know we support them when they fight on our behalf and that we will hold them accountable for protecting what we hold dear. Now more than ever, it is critically important that our legislators hear from us.

Here are a few of the messages we’ve already collected:

“Senator Harris, the Bay Area is counting on you to stand up for our values, our environment, and our Bay.”

“Senator Harris, don’t be afraid to use the power of the filibuster!”

“We must protect the Bay for future generations. I hope you’ll help lead the fight!”

“I love walking along the Bay Trail. It always reminds me we must keep the Bay, and our planet, beautiful.”

Will you please join us by adding your voice? Share your own message—along with a photo we can include in our book for Senator Kamala Harris—today.

One thought on “Senator Harris: We’re counting on you!

  1. Dear Sen. Harris,
    I was born (White) in Jackson, MS in 1941. I lived with Jim Crow and learned to abhor racism. I served in Vietnam and learned to abhor unnecessary wars. I have a lot of eduction and was a cryptomathematician with NSA. I have watched during my life the dark money people(Koch brothers et al) and Fox news(Murdoch) and the GOPigs work at destroying democracy and replacing it with “Lords and Peasants”. Notice that everything that the GOPigs do takes rights or wealth from regular americans. These people are completely amoral and will stop at nothing to capture America for the wealthest. You cannot make nice with them, they are not nice, and will not compromise in any reasonable way. My wife and I make a monthly donation the democratic party. We are looking for how else we can become active and work to “Make America Free Again”.

    Thank you for your service.

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