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David Lewis quoted on the Huffington Post: “Returning the bay’s shores to a wetland state would not only be a boon for wildlife, but provide a natural safeguard against future flooding.” The story was picked up by the Associated Press and even appeared in the Washington Post. And Portola Valley voted this week to restrict polystyrene and plastic bags. Meanwhile, a new study highlights the impact of climate change on California’s water supply.

Huffington Post 4/12/2012
Silicon Valley Under Water? Officials Launch Push To Keep Area Above Water
Business leaders and Sen. Dianne Feinstein launched a $1 billion, 10-year fundraising goal on Thursday that is aimed at preventing some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology companies from going underwater – literally.

The Almanac 4/12/2012
Portola Valley: Council says yes to two green initiatives
The Portola Valley Town Council last night (Wednesday, April 11) agreed to adopt a San Mateo County environmental ordinance that regulates Styofoam food containers, and support another now in the works that would restrict the use of single-use plastic bags at checkout stands.

KQED News 4/5/2012
New Reports Highlight Climate Challenges to State Water Supplies
California is both highly prepared and highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change on its water systems, according to two recent studies.

Daily Digest

Sen. Feinstein joined with business owners and environmental leaders to urge investment in wetland restoration funding. David Lewis is quoted in the San Jose Mercury News. Plus, Cooley Landing secures funding to complete park project. In Mountain View, plastic bags and take-out containers are getting the boot. And KPFA features restoration of the South Bay Salt Ponds and an interview Save The Bay’s Josh Sonnenfeld on why Cargill’s bay fill plan must be defeated.

San Jose Mercury News 4/12/2012
$ 1 billion needed for South Bay flood protection and marsh restoration
A new coalition of business leaders, environmentalists and others will try to raise $1 billion over the coming decade to protect corporate campuses, houses and schools from what one supporter called an “inevitable Katrina” in the South Bay, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein will announce Thursday in San Jose.

Palo Alto Daily News 4/10/2012
State grants $5 million to complete Cooley Landing park project in East Palo Alto
A $5 million state grant will enable East Palo Alto to cover the last phases of Cooley Landing’s transformation into a park.

Palo Alto Daily News 4/12/2012
Mountain View pushes forward with plans to ban plastic bags, takeout containers
Like so much refuse, plastic bags and takeout containers could be tossed from the city of Mountain View within the next two years.In a 5-1 vote Tuesday night, the city council approved a plan to produce ordinances outlawing single-use carryout bags and polystyrene takeout food containers. Vice Mayor John Inks cast the dissenting vote and Council Member Tom Means was absent.

KPFA 4/6/2012
Terra Verde – South Bay Salt Ponds
A live public affairs program focusing on investigating and analyzing environmental issues from a global perspective.
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Daily Digest

Plastic bag and polystyrene bans are really catching on. Locally, Redwood City is moving forward with a Styrofoam ban. And beyond the Bay Area, bag bans are considered in Santa Barbara and Honolulu.

Redwood City Patch 4/11/2012
Council Likely to Ban Styrofoam for the New Year
City staff introduced to the city council Monday night a city-wide ordinance that would ban the use of styrofoam containers. The council will decide May 7 in a public hearing whether to follow staff’s recommendation or not.

Daily Sound 4/11/2012
Plastic bag ordinance moves forward
The city of Santa Barbara on Tuesday moved closer toward a ban on the use of plastic bags.

Honolulu Civil Beat 4/10/2012
Paper or Plastic? Environmentalists Say Neither
Maui, Kauai and the Big Island have already banned the bags that environmentalists say are a menace to marine life and the city of Honolulu is considering following suit.

Daily Digest

L.A. moves forward with a bag ban. Plus, Starbucks tackles the problem of how to reduce,reuse,and recycle 4 billion coffee cups per year. And what kinds of trash ends up in our waterways? The list may surprise you.

Los Angeles Times 4/5/2012
L.A. council moves ahead on ban of paper and plastic bags
A Los Angeles City Council committee moved forward Wednesday with a plan to end the use of paper and plastic bags at supermarket checkout lines, saying such a move would spur consumers to switch to more environmentally friendly reusable ones.

On Earth 4/2/2012
Meet the Change Makers: Starbucks’s Quest for a Better Cup
Starbucks didn’t invent the disposable coffee cup, but few other brands are as tightly married to their container. From Brooklyn to Bangkok, the Seattle-based roaster’s white cups are instantly identifiable. More than four billion containers crossed the company’s counters last year, and only a small percentage were recycled.

Treehugger 4/4/2012
Sun, Sea, Sand, And… Small Appliances? New Marine Trash Report Reveals Sorry State of World’s Beaches
The top 10 items found — cigarettes; caps and lids; plastic beverage bottles; plastic bags; food wrappers and containers; cups, plates, forks, knives, and spoons; glass beverage bottles; straws and stirrers; beverage cans; and paper bags — make up 80 percent of the total debris items recovered worldwide, according to Ocean Conservancy.

Daily Digest

During this dry year, debate continues about California’s water. Santa Cruz County looks to expand its polystyrene ban, while Redwood City considers a ban to match Peninsula neighbors. And bay checkerspot butterflies are finding a home in San Mateo County.

San Francisco Chronicle 4/8/2012
California’s water wars could heat up
Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of Visalia introduced water legislation in the House 10 months ago so extreme that it would have pre-empted the state Endangered Species Act and allowed the federal government to control California’s water resources. Although it created a political ruckus when the House passed it last month, HR1837 apparently never will see the light of day in the Senate. Yet it has undermined trust for productive discussion of our serious water problems.

KSBW.com 4/6/2012
Santa Cruz County weighs Styrofoam ban
County leaders believe banning Styrofoam is the next step to decreasing litter and marine pollution.
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San Mateo Daily Journal 4/6/2012
Redwood City considers polystyrene ban
Redwood City may be the latest Peninsula city to ban polystyrene food containers by mimicking a county prohibition already in place if the City Council gives the idea a thumbs up Monday night.

Marin Independent Journal 4/9/2012
Beautiful orange and black butterflies are staying home for a change
Like weekend bar-hoppers, bay checkerspot butterflies move from place to place until they find a crowd that entices them to stick around.