Bay-A-Thon success! Thanks to you…

Bay-A-Thon BirdThank you for helping us reach our goal in our first-ever Bay-A-Thon!

We’re excited to report that 2,437 Save The Bay supporters came together to help us reach our $150,000 Bay-A-Thon goal. Every Bay-A-Thon donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, to double our resources to prevent inappropriate development  along the shoreline, restore wetlands, rid the Bay of toxic trash , and engage and educate volunteers through our community-based restoration programs. Thank you so much for your support!

We are making progress to protect our Bay. More than 65% of Bay Area residents now live in areas that have banned plastic bags, and more than 30% of communities have banned Polystyrene. More than 5,000 Save The Bay volunteers annually contribute invaluable time and energy planting native seedlings, and removing invasive species and trash from the shoreline. Every little bit counts toward the ultimate goal of re-establishing 100,000 acres of healthy tidal marsh around the Bay.

The 2013 Bay-A-Thon may be over, but saving the Bay is a year-round challenge. Let’s continue the momentum for a healthy Bay with these easy everyday actions:

Bring your own bag
Don’t flush medicine
Take Action
Follow Save The Bay

Thank you for doing your part to protect and restore our beloved San Francisco Bay!

Five Ways to Save The Bay

Earth Day 2011Did you know that almost a decade before the first Earth Day in 1970, Save The Bay was mobilizing tens of thousands of residents to save San Francisco Bay from unchecked development and pollution? Thanks to the work of Save The Bay’s members and supporters, the Bay is cleaner and healthier now than it was when the organization was founded 50 years ago. But there is still more work to be done!

Here are five easy ways to Save Your Bay this Earth Day:

1. Become a Member: Become a Save The Bay member and help us continue working to protect, restore and celebrate San Francisco Bay. A Save The Bay membership includes our member newsletter, a welcome packet and decal, invitations to special events and more!

2. Volunteer: Join us for a volunteer restoration event and get your hands dirty! See how fun and rewarding it is to make the Bay cleaner and healthier with your own two hands.

3.  Take Action: Raise your hand and get counted among the thousands who have already pledged to stop the biggest threat to the Bay in over 50 years – Cargill/DMB’s proposal to build 12,000 housing units on restorable salt ponds in Redwood City. Show Minnesota-based agribusiness giant Cargill that we will not allow our great natural treasure to be sacrificed for profit!

4. Tell Your Friends: Help us grow our online community by spreading the word about our organization. There are over seven million people in the Bay Area, so do us a favor and tell five of them about Save The Bay!

5. Follow Us Online: We’ve got a variety of ways that you can connect with us online — pick one (or more)! Check out our blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account.