Our 2015 Bay-A-Thon Wraps Up

2015 Bayathon
Raffle winner Steven L. receives a day pack donated from REI.

Over 1,600 Save The Bay donors helped us hit our $80,000 goal for our 2015 Bay-A-Thon campaign! Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, every Bay-A-Thon gift has been doubled in value, meaning that a total of $160,000 will go toward protecting and restoring San Francisco Bay.

This year we launched our first ever Bay-A-Thon REI Sweepstakes and had over 1,000 people sign up for a chance to win $1,000 of donated camping gear from REI. This year’s Sweepstake winner was Mike V. from Berkeley who has been a member and advocate of Save The Bay since 2010. Congratulations to Mike V. and a huge thank you to REI for their generous Bay-A-Thon gear donation and long-time partnership in restoring critical Bay shoreline habitat.

In addition to your financial support, 30 volunteers participated in our Bay-A-Thon restoration program held at our Palo Alto Baylands site.  Volunteers weeded a large patch of invasive mustard, radish and Italian thistle and pulled over 600 lbs of weeds! Philip and Alan from REI participated in a fun raffle giveaway and enthusiastically participated in weeding invasive plants.  Steven L. was the lucky winner of the raffle, winning a day pack donated from REI.

A big, huge Bay-A-Thon THANK YOU to our generous donors, REI and volunteers for your commitment and support of San Francisco Bay!

You can protect and restore our Bay too.  Learn how you can get your hands dirty and help plant native species.

6 ways to celebrate the 2015 Bay-A-Thon


It’s that time of year, when the days are long and the fog rolls in, and here at Save The Bay we kick off our annual Bay-A-Thon!

There are so many ways to celebrate the 2015 Bay-A-Thon:

  1. Remember to bring reusable bags when shopping
  2. Pledge to stand up to the largest source of Bay pollution
  3. Volunteer to help restore the shoreline
  4. Tell the EPA to protect the Bay from Cargill
  5. Keep pharmaceuticals out of the Bay
  6. Double your impact with a gift to Save The Bay!

Bonus! Celebrate the Bay-A-Thon with an outdoor adventure by the Bay.  Enter to win a camping set worth $1,000 from our friends at REI.

Bay-A-Thon success! Thanks to you…

Bay-A-Thon BirdThank you for helping us reach our goal in our first-ever Bay-A-Thon!

We’re excited to report that 2,437 Save The Bay supporters came together to help us reach our $150,000 Bay-A-Thon goal. Every Bay-A-Thon donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, to double our resources to prevent inappropriate development  along the shoreline, restore wetlands, rid the Bay of toxic trash , and engage and educate volunteers through our community-based restoration programs. Thank you so much for your support!

We are making progress to protect our Bay. More than 65% of Bay Area residents now live in areas that have banned plastic bags, and more than 30% of communities have banned Polystyrene. More than 5,000 Save The Bay volunteers annually contribute invaluable time and energy planting native seedlings, and removing invasive species and trash from the shoreline. Every little bit counts toward the ultimate goal of re-establishing 100,000 acres of healthy tidal marsh around the Bay.

The 2013 Bay-A-Thon may be over, but saving the Bay is a year-round challenge. Let’s continue the momentum for a healthy Bay with these easy everyday actions:

Bring your own bag
Don’t flush medicine
Take Action
Follow Save The Bay

Thank you for doing your part to protect and restore our beloved San Francisco Bay!

Two Days Remain

Who are you saving the Bay for?

savethebay_photoPerhaps you’re saving the Bay for your children, who will grow up with the memory of watching fireworks over the Bay Bridge. Or maybe you’re saving the Bay for your energetic dog, who loves your Saturday walks along the shore. Maybe you’re saving the Bay for your mom, who enjoys her beloved view of the Bay from the house you grew up in.

The Bay belongs to all of us, and we share the responsibility to protect it from the challenges it continually faces from shoreline development and toxic pollution.

We’re excited to share that hundreds of Save The Bay members have joined together to support the 2013 Bay-A-thon and had their donations doubled through this matching opportunity. But we haven’t yet reached our goal, and we don’t want to leave any money on the table.

Only two days remain to double your donation to defend the Bay.

We have $22, 014 left to raise in the next two days, before the 2013 Bay-A-Thon ends. With your help, we can get there! Donating now will help us continue to defend the Bay for future generations. Can we count on your support?

Any gift that you can give will help sustain our efforts to halt massive bayfill, restore wetlands, and engage and educate the community to save the Bay. That’s why we must reach our 2013 Bay-A-Thon $150,000 target! Make your contribution now to have it count in the 2013 Bay-A-Thon.

It will go twice as far to Save the Bay. The Bay-A-Thon ends at midnight on July 4th! Thank you for joining your neighbors and friends to help us reach our goal. Together, we’re saving the Bay for all of us.


The 2013 Bay-A-Thon: Double Your Impact

Do you remember the first time you saw the Bay?Donate Today

Did your breath catch in your throat? Did your eyes widen at the sheer size of the Bay, the vast sparkling blueness that seemed to stretch on forever? Did you hear seals barking or sails flapping in a strong wind? The Bay brings us unforgettable moments…chilly walks along the shore…vibrant sunsets…that sense of home you feel when the thick fog breaks to reveal the Golden Gate Bridge.  These moments are the reason we’re so lucky to live in the Bay Area. The Bay is important to all of us—it makes our home unique. We can’t afford to take it for granted.

Today, we’re launching our first ever Bay-A-Thon to rally support for the spectacular San Francisco Bay.

For the next two weeks, every dollar we raise for the Bay-A-Thon will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor. Donating now is an incredibly powerful way to support local restoration and education programs right here in our shared backyard.

The Bay-A-Thon is about celebrating and protecting the unique treasures of the Bay. We’re not just saving the Bay for us, but for future generations to enjoy the magnificent experiences and recreational opportunities we enjoy with our family and friends. This is why we need your support today to keep our Bay healthy and people and wildlife.

Every gift that Save The Bay receives by July 4th will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $150,000. Can we count on you to offer your support for the first ever Bay-A-Thon and help us protect our Bay?

Your support makes a difference. Any amount you donate will be doubled to aid our efforts to restore crucial habitat for the seals, porpoises, and birds that call the Bay home and help protect the magnificent Bay recreational opportunities you enjoy with your family and friends. July 4th will be here sooner than you know, so make your Bay-A-Thon gift today.