Welcome to the Board of Directors, Ron Gonzales

Ron Gonzales joined Save The Bay’s Board of Directors in September. Ron comes to us with years of experience in public service and business. A former mayor of both San Jose and Sunnyvale, Ron is a champion of innovative public education, transportation, housing, and the environment. He currently serves as President and CEO of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, an organization working to improve the quality of life for Latinos in the Silicon Valley region through education, elder services, and leadership programs. He founded and serves as Chairman and CEO of Presencia, LLC, a Hispanic-owned technology business. A Bay Area native, Ron lives in his hometown of San Jose.

What’s the most exciting thing about joining Save The Bay’s Board?
I’m honored to be serving with a group of incredible people who are dedicated to saving and preserving the Bay Area’s greatest natural icon, the actual Bay!

Why did you want to join Save The Bay’s Board?
As a Bay Area native and lifetime admirer of the beautiful Bay environment I wanted to take this opportunity to add a South Bay perspective to the Save The Bay board.

What is your first/fondest memory of San Francisco Bay?
I still remember touring the Bay, as a child, with relatives from Tucson, Arizona, who had never laid eyes on a body of water as large and beautiful as our Bay.

What is your favorite activity or location on the Bay?
Simply watching ships on the Bay and looking at its bridges. Also, as a golfer, I’ve enjoyed the scenic beauty of the Bay as viewed from various golf courses.

What is the one thing you do every day to protect the environment?
Support local measures to eliminate plastic bags and general litter that eventually makes it way to the Bay.

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