Our 2019 Calendar is Here!

  • Photograph by Kurt Schwabe, kurtschwabephotography.com


Save The Bay’s 2019 calendar is officially here! Thank you to everyone who participated in our photo contest and contributed to a truly inspiring and breathtaking collection of photos.  It was no easy task, but after hundreds of submissions and much deliberation, the 12 calendar winners have been selected. Jay Huang’s Blue Hour Fog received the most votes on Facebook, winning the People’s Choice Award to make the calendar cover.

The calendar offers a daily reminder of why we work so hard to protect the beautiful Bay we share. Each photo tells a different story of Bay appreciation, and we hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us. We reached out to some featured photographers to ask why they cherish the Bay and what inspired their incredible shots:

“Kayacking in Richardson’s Bay always changes my perspective, and sometimes it seems the birds and seals love the bay as much as I do.” – Jen Gennari: (jengennari.com)

“If it wasn’t for the Bay’s beauty, I never would have started out as a photographer.  There aren’t very many major metropolitan areas where you can photograph a dozen different bird species, including a bald eagle, in a single afternoon.  When I learned how close we came to losing this natural treasure in the ’60s, I wanted to do my part to support the Bay’s conservation today – so I’m thrilled to be a part of this year’s calendar!” – Colin Neikirk: (ccneikirk.myportfolio.com)

“The ever-changing San Francisco bay offers up a plethora of fascinating landscapes, from shoreline flora and fauna to grand vistas from atop its distant peaks. It is truly a nature lover’s dream.” – Mike Oria: (mikeoria.com)

“As the chilly morning fog hugs to the golden city, I click the photo integrating myself into the beautiful bay.” – Jay Huang: (Check out his Flickr)

“I’ve lived around the bay all my life. Whenever I seek stability I find myself along her shores. As stable as a crab against a wave.” – Sean Peck

“Without a doubt my favorite part of being a photographer in the SF Bay Area is chasing the magical and ethereal fog around and discovering new viewpoints from all the various mountaintops of this amazing place. There is a beautiful mixture of nature and urban life to behold here.” – Vincent James: (vincentjames.net)

Photographer Susie Kelly hopes her work inspires people to “preserve the Bay for the other species that live here,” and to “slow down and appreciate the beauty around us.”

Again, we extend a big thank you to every member of the community who submitted their Bay photos, and congratulations to our finalists! We hope the calendar reminds you why you love the Bay and inspires you to join our efforts to protect and restore our shorelines.

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What if Don Draper was For The Bay?

Vote for usHave you ever been underneath the Bay in the middle of your BART commute and had your smart phone die? There you are, without a book or magazine, eyes darting around for something interesting to hold your gaze. That cute kid in the seat across from you provides a good focal point, but you don’t want to creep out the parents. You glance away and catch a young couple in a heated discussion, but don’t look for too long.

You start scanning the ads on the walls. Pretty soon you hear the voice of Don Draper wondering if anyone uses those QR codes or what the heck that unicorn riding a rainbow could possibly be advertising. We’ve all been there.

What if there was a clever, eye catching ad that reminded you that San Francisco Bay is more than just something to go around, over, or underneath? What if there was an ad to remind you of the natural treasure that surrounds you on all sides during your daily commute and makes our region one of the most desirable places in the world to live, work, and play? With your help, Save The Bay could win the chance to remind BART riders just how precious the Bay is.

This year, Save The Bay is a non-profit partner in BART’s Blue Sky Program, which allows the public  to vote for their favorite local organization. The 3 local non-profits with the most votes win thousands of dollars worth of free advertising on BART trains and in BART stations! Plus, everyone who votes is entered to win a $500 Clipper Card. Imagine the impact if thousands of commuters see our ads and become supporters of our work to restore the Bay for future generations.

Cast your vote for the Bay!