Six Ways to Celebrate the Bay

We’re celebrating the Bay!

We like to appreciate the Bay every day, but the first annual Bay-A-Thon is a special way to rally around the unique beauty of the San Francisco Bay. The Bay-A-Thon is about enjoying and protecting the unique treasures of the Bay, so we’ve complied six ways you can make a difference, today.

Six things you can do for the bay

Six Ways to Celebrate the 2013 Bay-A-Thon

1. Whether or not your community has banned plastic bags, remember to bring reusable bags when shopping. Plastic bags pollute the waters of the Bay, smother wetlands and entangle and kill wildlife, so keeping them out of the Bay is a direct way to protect the Bay. Keep reusable bags in your truck or bike basket, in your backpack; and next to your keys. Leave your best bag tips in the comments below and share how you remember to bring and use reusable bags!

2. Keep unwanted stuff out of the Bay. E-waste and old medications can contaminate millions of gallons of Bay water. Find your local center for these items and keep them out of the Bay!

3. Volunteer and restore natural habitats by hand at various sites around the Bay, and help toward our goal of re-establishing 100,000 acres of healthy wetlands around the Bay. You can have fun outdoors, learn about the Bay and help us protect it by joining one of our community based restoration programs.

4. Take Action. Help end the distribution of single-use plastic bags and have a direct hand in protecting the Bay and its wildlife. Sign the petition today to urge your elected officials to crack down on single-use bags.

5. Stay informed. Follow us on Facebook to get important Bay updates and breaking news as it happens, pose questions, or just say hello. We’re saving the Bay together, and we love to hear from you!

6. Donate. Every gift that Save The Bay receives by July 4th will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $150,000. Your donation goes directly to restoring healthy tidal marsh around the Bay…to implementing plastic bag bans around the Bay and toward our restoration education programs for youth that will educate and inspire the next generation of Bay protectors.

We’re not just saving the Bay for us here and now, but for future generations to enjoy the magnificent experiences we enjoy with our family and friends. What do you do every day to protect and save the Bay? Share your tips in the comments!