Weekly Roundup November 30, 2012

weekly roundup

It’s crab season! As we look forward to adding this iconic local crustacean to our holiday tables, few of us stop to think about the role our very own Bay plays in ensuring a bountiful crab harvest. It’s going to be a good year for crab. More in the good news department: populations of Coho salmon are arriving early to spawn in Marin creeks this year, due, most likely, to early rainfall. But it could also be a sign of recovering populations. The beginning of the rainy season is also sparking necessary discussion of how to best prepare for the inevitable floods that sea level rise will cause in coastal communities nationwide. California is a model for the rest of the country in planning for higher waters. To ease the transition away from single-use bags (a Bag Ban goes into effect January 1 ), Alameda county is offering an exchange this Saturday: one single use bag for one reusable. And if you’re looking for a gift this holiday season, buy a Bay Sustainer membership for a friend. They’ll get an Oaklandish t-shirt to wear proudly and the Bay will benefit.

KQED 11/24/2012
Let the Cracking Begin! Dungeness Crab Season is Underway
While the crabs are caught between 3-40 miles offshore, they spend a great deal of their lives in estuaries. Juvenile Dungeness crabs lose their shells as they grow, this process of molting helps them to grow new, larger shells. During these periods, they head into the San Francisco Bay for protection. They hide out in the eel grass and eat fish, mollusks, and other crustaceans before heading out to the deep waters. At times they even seek protection in clamshells.
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Marin Independent Journal 11/26/2012
Endangered coho salmon make early return to Marin creeks
“The 2012-13 spawning season is off to an auspicious start,” said Eric Ettlinger, aquatic ecologist for the Marin Municipal Water District, which oversees the watershed. “We’ve already received 12.5 inches of rain — far above average for this time of year — and with the rains come the salmon.”
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L.A. Times 11/27/2012
California confronts a sea change
Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Chris Christie of New Jersey don’t need to wait on gridlocked Washington to confront future risks from climate-change intensified storms. They can instead look at how California is already moving forward on common-sense adaptations, and do it themselves.
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Alameda Patch 11/28/2012
Getting Ready for the Plastic Bag Ban Locally and County-Wide
The plastic bag ban is upon Alameda and the rest of the County.
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Greeneroo 11/27/2012
Consider Donating to Save The Bay
It’s that time of year. You can vote on what’s important by HOW you spend money. Watching TV tells me that we should buy cars, diamonds, and expensive “toys”. But there is another way:
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Oaklandish 11/19/2012
5 reasons the Bay needs your local love
Save The Bay grew out of Berkeley in 1961. Back in those days, there were plans to fill 60 percent of the Bay, the public had access to less than six miles of shoreline, and the water was choked with raw sewage and industrial pollution.
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