You Made Blue a Success for SF Bay!

Building something from scratch isn’t easy. But having the opportunity to learn from that first experience, make improvements, and have the second time around be even better – now that is satisfying. The second annual Blue cruise was Save The Bay’s chance to inspire long-time and new Bay supporters to contribute to our policy, restoration, and education programming.

We couldn’t have asked for bluer skies or warmer weather as we chatted with guests from around the Bay Area, people who also care deeply about this beautiful place we call home.

All of the cruise tickets and auction bids made clear: our guests and sponsors also want a clean, healthy San Francisco Bay for people and wildlife across the region. Thanks to their generosity, we raised $100,000–incredible! This funding will greatly help to restore wetlands, reduce pollution, and inspire students to care for and conserve our beloved Bay.

We were thrilled that Neda Iranpour, KPIX 5’s Morning Weather Anchor, was able to host Blue. Her welcome speech about the beauty of our Bay – and the growing risks from climate change – was a truly moving message. 

One exciting feature at Blue was a tasting of three premium wines. Thank you to Dyer Wine, Nicholson Ranch and Tres Sabores for contributing so generously and for joining us on the cruise. 

Hands down, Blue could not have happened without the incredible support of our sponsors. A big thank you to our title sponsors: Mira and Suresh Raman, Deirdre and Chris Hockett, and Salesforce. We also were supported by several companies that we are proud to partner with, including: BB&T, Coupa Software, Latham & Watkins and PG&E. We’re always excited to bring employees from these organizations out to the shoreline where they help us pull weeds and install native plants. For a full list of sponsors, please click here.

There are many more highlights from the event, so please enjoy these photos taken by our fabulous photographers, Mike Oria and Steve Nosanchuk!

  • Photo by Mike Oria -

If you didn’t get a chance to attend Blue and would like to support Save The Bay, please visit You can also follow our work on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you to all who supported Blue and for doing our Bay proud. We look forward to seeing you by the shoreline again soon.


Bay Be Blue – Bringing the Bay to Life


When you are the Chief Development Officer of a non-profit organization, you are always looking for special ways to bring the mission of your organization to life and inspire support from a diverse community of individuals.  Five months ago, our team had the wild and wonderful idea to charter a boat and bring hundreds of Bay supporters out on the water – together with Save The Bay experts – to experience the Bay’s majesty up close.

On Saturday, April 22nd (Earth Day!) our vision came to life. Blue, an inaugural Bay cruise to benefit Save The Bay, was an extraordinary event that brought together individuals of all ages and backgrounds, uniting them in their love and appreciation for the Bay.  Don’t just take my word for it: check out the beautiful photos of the evening captured by Bay photographer Mike Oria for a taste of the immersive experience had by all who attended.

Our Blue guests came from all over the Bay Area. There are many reasons why local residents care about San Francisco Bay, and whether we realize it or not, the Bay is a part of all of our lives, every day.

For scientists, like the Chair of Save The Bay’s Board of Directors Dr. Sam Luoma, the Bay is a wild ecosystem that is teeming with plant and animal life. It’s a place of fragility and beauty that needs protecting for future generations.

Some of our guests care about San Francisco Bay because they are responsible for conceiving of and implementing the policy framework that supports a resilient Bay. Thank you to Supervisor Dave Pine, Chair of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, for joining us at Blue and representing elected officials who work vigilantly to uphold pro-Bay policies and legislation.

For gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, like Mary Hufty and Karen Gilhuly from the Garden Clubs of America, the Bay shoreline is where they tune out the pressures of daily life by partnering with Save The Bay to plant native plants and clean up trash. Blue was a chance to celebrate their love of the place they dedicate so much time to restoring.

For the Bay Area business community, the Bay serves as a stunning backdrop for world class companies, and we were delighted to welcome guests from Facebook, Salesforce, and eBay to name a few.

For sports fans, the Bay provides the nation’s best backdrop during a hometown San Francisco Giants baseball game. I am so grateful to the Giants for sponsoring Blue, just one of many ways they contribute to improving local Bay Area communities.

OR, maybe you’re like me – drawn to this magnificent estuary for reasons you can’t quite explain but you know are innate and powerful.  Many studies suggest that spending time by water has positive effects on health and well-being (and who couldn’t use a little stress relief these days?).

Whatever your motivation is for getting involved with Save The Bay, I am truly grateful to the community of individuals who joined us at our very first Blue event. Our sell-out crowd was a stirring tribute to San Francisco Bay: our greatest natural treasure and the heart of what makes our region so special.  Thank you to our supporters for making the inaugural Blue event a tremendous success.  See you next year!

5 Things You Can Do For the Bay This Earth Day


Saving San Francisco Bay and our planet can feel daunting. We know how you feel, but inspiration is always around the corner (and in this blog!). Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, and to celebrate we’ve put together 5 easy, worthwhile things you can do for our planet and our Bay.

1. Participate in the March for Science and People’s Climate March

Resist, stand up and put on your walking shoes!  Have a poster making gathering with your friends and march alongside thousands of scientists and eco-warriors at the March for Science on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, and the People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29.  We’d love to see your rally cries, so don’t forget to include the hashtag #savesfbay in your social media posts!

2. Be a year-round Bay saver

Want to make a lasting commitment to our local environment AND get a cool Save The Bay t-shirt in time for the People’s Climate March? Become a Bay Sustainer today and support our work each month! Bay Sustainers are some of our most important donors. Your reliable monthly donation gives us the stability to plan for the future and ability to tackle urgent challenges to our local environment.

3. Volunteer with Save The Bay

Put on your hat, grab your gardening gloves, and prepare for a marvelous day with Save The Bay’s restoration team.  Sign up to volunteer at one of our wetland restoration events and help restore our shoreline. Healthy Bay wetlands not only improve the Bay’s water quality, but they also protect Bay Area communities from rising seas.

4. Inspire others – share your SF Bay photos on social media using #MyBayPhoto

From images of King Tides and trash in our waterways to pictures of people walking on the Bay Trail and soaking in the Bay views, we know first-hand that your Bay photos have the power to move and motivate people to create a cleaner, healthier San Francisco Bay. Help us spread the word! Next time you take a photo of the Bay, please share it with us on social media by tagging

5. Tell-a-Friend about STB and help expand our conservation conscious community

We depend on the Bay as much as the Bay depends on us to stay informed, ask questions, and take actions that help keep it thriving for years to come. Tell 5 friends about our work and ask them to subscribe to our emails. Sharing is caring!

Your support is one of reasons we have a beautiful Bay. Together we can make it cleaner and healthier for nature and people, keeping it vibrant long into the future. So, thank you in advance for your get-up-and-go and do-good determination.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Earth Day!

An Earth Day Present for Scott Pruitt

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 10.59.34 AM
Back in February America’s newest EPA
Administrator Scott Pruitt famously said on CNBC’s Squawk Box,

I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate
is something very challenging to do and there’s tremendous disagreement
about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that [carbon dioxide]
is a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”

This statement is not only alarming, but it also discredits the climate research conducted by the nation’s top organizations including the EPA, NASA, and NOAA, all of which agree that carbon dioxide emissions are a key driver of climate change.

It was painfully clear that Pruitt forgot to do his science homework and was desperately in need of some help. So, we decided purchase a copy of Global Warming for Dummies and even asked hundreds of Save The Bay supporters to sign the book.

Thanks to you we’re now ready to ship a copy to Washington D.C. just in time for Earth Day so Pruitt can study up and faithfully execute his core duty as EPA Administrator: make America green again.

We hope you enjoy your present, Scott!

Bay Day 2016: a day of celebration

Earlier this month, thousands of Bay Area residents and dozens of  community organizations celebrated the first-ever Bay Day. Here’s a quick look at how we marked this new regional holiday:

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