Mommy Bloggin’ for the Bay | Snoopy by the Shoreline

Mommy Bloggin’ for the Bay chronicles one parent’s journey to bring the Bay to the kid and the kid to the Bay.

Where else can you have expansive views of the Bay AND see Snoopy fighting with the Red Baron?  Along the Emeryville/Berkeley shoreline of course!

Being a Bay Area child of the 80’s, I remember looking for Snoopy and the Red Baron out the car window during trips through the East Bay.  And when I heard the Snoopy sculptures were back, I had to take my little dude to see them. What better way to bring my kid to the Bay! It’s just the right amount of whimsy and outdoor adventure for the whole family, with the beautiful Bay as the back drop.

How to find it? Along W. Frontage Road and the Bay Trail in Emeryville, park by the 80 S on-ramp (map) and take a walk on the pier to see the Snoopy and the Red Baron engaged in an epic dogfight. There happen to be spectacular views of Mt. Tam, Angel Island and the East Bay hills. And we even got a glimpse of some wintering ducks!

Snoopy vs Red Baron
Snoopy fights the Red Baron along the Emeryville/Berkeley shoreline.

Snoofee (as Ollie pronounces it) was a big hit.  Even our family dog enjoyed stretching his legs along the boardwalk and Bay Trail.

If you travel north on the Frontage Road, between Ashby and University, you will see Snoopy on his red and white dog house out in the Bay.  Driving by we say, “I spy Snoopy on his dog house!”

Snoopy dog house
“I spy Snoopy on his dog house!”

Do you remember the Snoopy and Red Baron sculptures? What is your favorite whimsical shoreline adventure? Share your memories with the “peanut” gallery:

Mommy Bloggin’ for the Bay | Starting out small.

Mommy Bloggin’ for the Bay chronicles one parent’s journey to bring the Bay to the kid and the kid to the Bay.

One of my favorite children’s books to read to my 3-year old son is Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?  by Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle.  If you have read it, you know how charming and simple this book is.  I enjoy reading it to him and naming the native North American animals that appear along the way.  He thinks the blue heron and red fox are funny.

This book inspired a game that Ollie and I play to discover the unique animals in our backyard and neighborhood.  Here are some of our favorites that we have discovered together:

Ollie Bear, Ollie Bear…what do you see?

Anna's Hummingbird
Anna’s Hummingbird by Rick Lewis

I see an Anna’s Hummingbird zipping by me.

Ollie Bear, Ollie Bear…what do you see?

White tailed kite
White tailed kite by Maggie.Smith

I see a white kite glaring at me!

Ollie Bear, Ollie Bear what do you see?

Cabbage white Butterfly
Cabbage White Butterfly by Ed Gaillard

I see a Cabbage White Butterfly fluttering by me.

Through playing this game, which is fun and engaging for both of us, I hope to teach my kid how to treat and appreciate the amazing natural treasure that is right in our backyard, San Francisco Bay.

Do you have any kid-friendly and Bay-themed games, books, trips or ideas? Please share in the comments.  I’m always looking for new and creative ways to have some outdoor related fun with my little dude.