Save The Bay & Facebook: Bringing the Bay Area Closer Together

Facebook Interns Restoring Wetlands
Facebook Interns Service Day at Bair Island

San Francisco Bay is home to more than 7 million people and is the largest, most valuable estuary on the West Coast. Facebook’s headquarters is located right on the Bay’s beautiful shoreline, and the company has shown its commitment to protecting local habitat and ecosystems —from the innovative 9-acre green roof at its Menlo Park campus to its broader efforts in the Bay Area.

By sponsoring Bay Day 2017, Facebook is helping people all around the Bay celebrate its iconic role in our community, and inspiring us all to better protect this shared natural wonder. Bay Day is San Francisco Bay’s new regional Earth Day. This Bay Day – Saturday, October 7th – is an opportunity to inspire positive environmental actions by connecting communities with immersive, Bay-themed educational and recreational activities.

This is not the first time Facebook and Save The Bay have partnered to protect the Bay. This June, 350 enthusiastic Facebook volunteers came out for a massive Intern Service Day at Bair Island, bringing their incredible work ethic to our three-acre Inner Bair Island restoration site. Facebook’s volunteers completed 100 days of restoration work in just one day.

At Save The Bay, Facebook’s platforms are vital to everything we do, from spreading the word about the Bay-spanning events this Bay Day to engaging citizens with our vision of a clean and healthy Bay.

This Saturday, October 7th, Facebook’s sponsorship is supporting volunteer restoration events in Redwood City and Palo Alto, and a total of 70 community events around the Bay. And for people and families who can’t make it to one of these public celebrations – Facebook helped us launch My Bay Day Adventure Guide, an interactive, online guide to experience Bay Day from your mobile device. I love how the My Bay Day experience helps people to discover the Bay in a new way, through each of our senses, and hope you and your family enjoy it too.

Save The Bay is proud of our partnership with Facebook, and we are grateful for all the company does to protect San Francisco Bay and the communities that call the area home.  Together, we can ensure a healthy and resilient Bay for generations to come.

Menlo Park is Styrofoam free!

Styrofoam litter, which never biodegrades, clogs storm drains and threatens Bay wildlife.

As of yesterday, Menlo Park is Styrofoam free! The ordinance, adopted in August 2012, bans the distribution of polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) containers by all food vendors in the city. Click here for more information about the ordinance on the city’s website.

The City of Menlo Park now joins a regional effort of over 30 cities and counties in the Bay Area to ban polystyrene food ware. Styrofoam is not only one of the most common types of trash polluting San Francisco Bay, it is also associated with human health concerns. The federal government recently identified styrene – a chemical found in polystyrene – as being a likely carcinogen.

What should you expect to see the next time you go to your favorite Menlo Park restaurant or deli? A variety of more Bay-friendly take-out containers that are biodegradable, compostable, reusable, or recyclable.  We hope that every Bay Area city follows suit and joins the effort to eliminate plastic trash in the Bay.