Daily Digest

Government warning: Styrene may cause cancer. Plus, plastic bag industry goes to court, Saltworks developer lobby raises concerns, and Delta water war heats up.

New York Times 6/10/2011
Government Says 2 Common Materials Pose Risk of Cancer
The government issued warnings on Friday about two materials used daily by millions of Americans, saying that one causes cancer and the other might.

New York Times 6/11/2011
In a War of Words, Makers of Plastic Bags Go to Court
The plastic bag industry, increasingly on the defensive as municipal bag bans proliferate, has gone on the attack against ChicoBag, a competitor that bills itself as an eco-friendly alternative. A federal lawsuit in South Carolina accuses ChicoBag of illegal trash-talking about plastic bag waste.

San Jose Mercury News 6/13/2011
Lobbyist paid to push for coastal rules that ease way for Redwood City Saltworks project
The developer that wants to build a mixed-use community in Redwood City’s salt flats paid lobbyists about $230,000 to promote its interests, including efforts to influence the shaping of a plan that could restrict development along San Francisco Bay.

Contra Costa Times 6/11/2011
Water war heats up; farmers sue over move to save salmon
Delta water users have sued to block a temporary decrease in pumping meant to save thousands of salmon, a move that seems destined to raise the stakes in an escalating water war.