Daily Digest

Saltworks’ developer does not understand importance of an ecosystem. Tunnel construction under the Bay will provide access to Hetch Hetchy and dirt for Bair Island restoration. Plus, the complexities of the San Francisco Bay Trail, and Albany considers plastic bag ban.

Redwood City Patch 6/12/2011
Saltworks’ Developer Does not Understand Importance of an Ecosystem
Recently, Saltworks Developer DMB’s spokesperson Jay Reed declared that the Snowy Plover, harvest mouse and other species “will flourish in the new ecosystem” of the Saltworks development.

San Francisco Examiner 6/12/2011
Winding through nature and city streets, the Bay Trail is an idea as much as a place
The San Francisco Bay Trail is many things, but it isn’t always a trail nor is it always next to San Francisco Bay. When the Association of Bay Area Governments first set out to build a 500-mile path through nine counties, 47 cities and around San Francisco and San Pablo bays, the project was bound to be complex. That was especially true given that each separate jurisdiction would be responsible for managing its own segments.

San Jose Mercury News 6/13/2011
Crews assemble huge digging machine to carve first-ever tunnel under San Francisco Bay
In the breezy open lands along San Francisco Bay, just east of Palo Alto, a historic engineering project is taking shape. And even though it sits in the heart of Silicon Valley, it has nothing to do with computers.

Albany Patch 6/13/2011
Albany Meeting Goals for Recycling
Albany residents of more than a decade remember placing papers in one bin for recycling, and glass and metal containers in another. Now Albany households put all recyclables into one large gray bin on wheels, in “single-stream recycling.”