Bay Trash Hot Spots Update: Pulgas Creek holds lead

Guadalupe River Trash
Plastic pollutes the Guadalupe River in San Jose. Should we adopt this spot? (photo: E. Samonsky)

The 2011 Bay Trash Hot Spots are five Bay locations where Save The Bay and cities have identified high levels of trash: Mission Creek in SanFrancisco, Guadalupe River in San Jose, Damon Slough in Oakland, Baxter Creek in Richmond and Pulgas Creek in San Carlos.

Vote for one of the five Bay Trash Hot Spots and we will “adopt” the spot with the most votes with a series of volunteer cleanups throughout 2012. Which Hot Spot should we adopt?

With 864 votes counted, Pulgas Creek in San Carlos is still in the lead. Oakland’s Damon Slough is in close 2nd, and Guadalupe River is gaining  — which spot will win?

1. Pulgas Creek in San Carlos –  216

2. Damon Slough in Oakland – 202

3. Guadalupe River in San Jose – 173

4. Mission Creek in San Francisco – 164

5. Baxter Creek in Richmond – 109

Is your choice winning? Vote today!

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