Breaking News: Cargill Bay Fill Development Defeated!

We have reached a huge milestone today in our campaign to stop Cargill’s development in Redwood City. Cargill/DMB’s enormously controversial and misguided plan to build thousands of houses in San Francisco Bay is dead!

Yesterday afternoon, it was announced that the Redwood City City Council will consider a recommendation to terminate Cargill/DMB’s massive bay fill development, which has been languishing for over a year. Rather than wait until Monday night for the Council to officially deny their proposal, Cargill/DMB said they will withdraw it.

This victory is a tribute to relentless campaign efforts by Save The Bay, our 40,000 members and supporters in Redwood City and throughout the region, and our many allies who have stood with us for the past several years as we have fought to stop the filling of San Francisco Bay. Thank you!!

However this fight is still far from over.

Unfortunately, DMB stated they still plan to submit a revised version of this inappropriate and unprecedented bay fill project. As Save The Bay’s Executive Director David Lewis told the San Mateo Daily Journal yesterday, Cargill and DMB still “just don’t get it.”

Rather than continue spending tens of millions of dollars attempting to fill in our Bay, we encourage Cargill to seize this opportunity to instead donate or sell these ponds to the public for full restoration, and not to submit any further proposals to develop this key piece of San Francisco Bay.

Redwood City’s restorable salt ponds are a critically important piece of the Bay. Restoring the site would help us meet the scientifically established goal of 100,000 acres of healthy wetlands around San Francisco Bay – benefiting both people and wildlife.

While the fight is far from over, this is a victory that must be celebrated!

Please share this good news with your network and ask them to join you in signing the petition telling Cargill: Don’t Pave My Bay! We have momentum and we are winning the battle, but we still need all of your support to make sure that this key piece of the Bay is saved for good!