Notes from the Field | The Bright Side of Rain

Native seedlings
Save The Bay will plant 30,000 native seedlings this winter, thanks to our volunteers. Will you help us plant?

Around this time of the season, I begin digging through the closet in search of forgotten umbrellas and neglected coats in anticipation of winter rains. I always look forward to the rainy months; despite the daily inconveniences they sometimes cause. Just think of the crisp, earthy aroma in the air just after a winter shower. Or picture light rain drops dancing along the surface of the beautiful San Francisco Bay. This year, I’m extra excited about the rainy season.

As fall transitions into winter, Save The Bay begins gearing up for another season of planting. Although planting in winter may seem counter-intuitive to some, (Isn’t it too cold? Too harsh?), it’s the best time for the Bay’s native plants. Native plant seedlings such as the marsh gumplant, blue wild-rye, and stickey monkey flower are anxiously awaiting the rains. Wet weather softens the soil and waters new seedlings, providing an excellent environment for successful planting in shoreline sites around San Francisco Bay. Save The Bay has a goal of planting 30,000 plants this winter, so it’s going to be a busy few months!

To prepare for this important planting season, we have a full agenda of  invasive species plant removal, trash collection, and mulching. I can’t wait to start helping the native plants essential to the health and sustainability of the Bay get the best start possible this winter.

Will you help us? Take a look at our website and register to volunteer online. Planting season starts in November and space is limited so sign up today!

— Alexis Fedele, Restoration Volunteer