Notes from the Field | Waiting for Rain

Nursery MLK
Our native plant nurseries are filled to the brim with native seedlings waiting for planting season to begin.

I spent most of my life in Washington State before moving to the Bay area 7 years ago and I am used to the stormy winter weather of the Pacific Northwest. The people who know me best are aware that I love winter in the Bay area because I miss the rain and gray skies that have been so much a part of my life, and that I look forward to the first really big storm of the year with great anticipation and excitement.

This is also a time of year for great anticipation and excitement at Save The Bay. The Habitat Restoration Team has spent much of the spring, summer, and fall seasons collecting local native plant seeds, propagating plants, and carefully nurturing seedlings in our two native plant nurseries under the guidance of our Nursery Manager Doug Serrill. With the help of thousands of volunteers we currently have over 30,000 plants ready to go in the ground as soon as the first raindrops start falling in earnest. We have carefully watered our plantings throughout the year in our nursery and by installing the plants in tandem with the rains we give them the best opportunity to establish and grow and minimize the stress due to transplanting. With an adequate water supply during transplanting and during the first winter, the plants develop roots that are better able to survive the warm summers that are characteristic of our Bay area Mediterranean climate.

Our restoration staff and dedicated volunteers have diligently prepared our planting sites by removing non-native and invasive plant species, and our Senior Scientist, Laura Wainer has developed a planting strategy for each of our restoration sites to maximize native plant cover and diversity and to create valuable transition zone habitat at the edge of salt marshes around San Francisco Bay.

Planting at SFQ
Don’t miss out on the joys of winter — come plant with us!

In other words – we are ready to go! Planting season at Save The Bay officially begins when the first significant storms of the year start rolling into the Bay area. This is my first planting season as the Habitat Restoration Director at Save The Bay, and I can’t wait to share in the excitement of installing the first plants of the season into the ground. Don’t be left out of the fun and excitement. With rains predicted for the coming weekend our planting season is upon us. We have 30,000 plants to install over the next 3-4 months. Come join us for a planting event and together we can celebrate the start of the rainy season!