China Camp State Park: A San Francisco Bay Treasure

China Camp tour
Save The Bay supporters tour China Camp with Donna Ball and Doug Serrill.

Last weekend Save The Bay’s Nursery Manager, Doug Serrill and I had the opportunity to take advantage of the warm spring weather and hike two of the many trails at China Camp State Park with a number of Save The Bay Board members, guests, family, and friends.   Group participants included long-time supporters and founding members of Save The Bay, new Save The Bay members, and long-time conservationists who have worked hard over their lifetime to preserve and protect important wetlands around San Francisco Bay.

China Camp has a rich history as a Coast Miwok hunting ground, Chinese shrimping village, and more recently as a State Park.  Our group of 40 guests and staff arrived early in the morning eager to hike and learn about the area.   We divided into two groups and each group had the chance to learn about the ecology of tidal marshes and to see one of the few remaining relict marshes of San Francisco Bay, while the other group learned about native grasses and oak woodlands and got to view the spring wildflowers on the hill slopes above the marsh.   Being outdoors on a beautiful Saturday morning was incredible, but more importantly it was an amazing opportunity to share the morning with people who have a common passion for the work of Save The Bay and for protecting and preserving wetlands and valuable places like China Camp that make San Francisco Bay such a wonderful place to live.

There were a surprising number of people in our group who had never been to China Camp.   If you too have never been there, be sure to find time soon to visit this State Park gem with 1,500 acres of hiking, biking, and picnicking opportunities situated at the edge of San Pablo Bay.  China Camp is currently operated by Friends of China Camp who work with the California State Parks to ensure that China Camp is available to everyone 365 days a year.  If you would like to know more, visit