Pamper Mother Nature this Mother’s Day

Mother and daughter planting native seedlings
Show your love for Mother Nature this Mother’s Day.
Photo Credit: Dan Sullivan

For most of you, this week’s to do list includes buying chocolate, flowers, and cards for the mothers in your life.  After all, mothers deserve a special day of recognition for everything they do for us.  But what about Mother Nature?

Mother Nature provides a myriad of incredible benefits that we all enjoy and usually take for granted (sound familiar moms?).  Scientists remind us that Mother Nature regulates climate, purifies water, grows food, and provides energy without asking for much in return.  And just like our own moms, Mother Nature’s beauty is truly unparalleled.

If you are a mom, or if you know a mom, you know what it takes to provide for just one family.  Mother Nature supports an estimated 8.7 million species!  The San Francisco Bay alone supports more than 400 species of wildlife.

So while you are showing your Mom some love this week, show Mother Nature some love too:  live green and volunteer to protect and restore our own amazing bit of Mother Nature, the San Francisco Bay.

TAKE ACTION:  Sign up to volunteer to restore our wetlands or volunteer to help us spread the word!